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Our makeup artists and hair stylists provide professionalism, professional skill sets, knowledge and proper kit essentials as a solution to corporate needs. Our knowledge expands over 50+ years in the beauty industry and has enabled us to cross over and work alongside a variety of fortune 500 companies, small businesses, law firms, real estate agents and brokers, physicians, commercials, television, film, and research companies to name a few.

Our makeup artists, hair stylists and estheticians provide services at TC Makeup's studio or on-site to help accomplish your businesses needs. With the advancement of technology, an increased visual resolution in high definition (HD) cameras, has put TC MAKEUP's artists, stylists, and service team at the front and center of corporate and small business needs for makeup application, hair services, small business solutions and more.   

Common Corporate Needs:

  • product testing & application
  • commercials
  • corporate headshots
  • company events and speakers
  • video platforms (youtube, online company videos & more)
  • award recognition ceremonies or platforms
  • product release
  • team building events
  • corporate gifts
  • print ads


Corporate Rates

Insured & Bonded. Rates per artist, per day. 

  • 2-3  hours - $400

  • 4-6  hours - $700

  • 8-10 Hours - $1200


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