Emily, Owner of A Well Dressed Home, LLC Photo Credit: Misty at Pink Fly Photo

Emily, Owner of A Well Dressed Home, LLC

Photo Credit: Misty at Pink Fly Photo

Photo Credit for the Above Images: Shea Mayberry

Photo Credit for the Above Images: Shea Mayberry

Commercial Portrait 'Head shots'

We want to provide our services to all Corporations or Individuals who have an online presence trying to grow and build their business. With proper head shots that convey your story or message, viewers tend to have a sense of knowing one another. This is your very first impression that a client will see, so it needs to provide a lasting memory. 

Image Left Photo Credit: Jared Rey

Image Left Photo Credit: Jared Rey

Your portrait will then bring their eyes to the material they want to read, to find out whether it is a great fit or not. Providing you have credentials and knowledgeable sales information, your headshot will provide the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our image determines who we are and our knowledge defines who and what we are.

The importance of hair and makeup for your headshot is to streamline your professional image. Make sure you are up to date with the real YOU, instead of looking outdated with old information. Having outdated information can give the wrong impression of who you are as a person and how you or the company can add value to their needs.

A good rule of thumb, is to update this information every 1-2 years, keeping your readers informed on all the new activities or information happening within you or the company. Pivotal transitions and new innovating ideas are great, but if they are unknown to the viewer then we have no idea of the information.

We want to help you by providing professional hair and makeup services revealing the real you, and to bring value to you and your company. To allow the invitation to all your viewers to find out more of what you have to offer and bring to the table. 

Our clientele is broad from small businesses to major corporations, CEOs, Governors, Government officials, Attorneys, Real Estate Agents, Cash America, A Well Dressed Home, LLC, Wells Fargo, Transplace, Ford Auto, Pastors and more. 

Commercial Events at TC MAKEUP


Needing to woo your corporate clients or treat them to something special? Well we have just the place for you to bring your business partners, clients or staff to experience something special. We can host an event for you, or allow your clients and guests to be pampered with hair, makeup and photography services. Come have fun in a beautiful atmosphere and let our artists and stylists provide exceptional services for you and your company.