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Inspired Beauty

Voted Dallas’ Best Professional Makeup & Hair Team



Life is full of momentous once in a lifetime experiences and special occasions. It’s our passion to make you feel confident, beautiful and flawless for every precious moment that comes your way. Presenting you at your best for all of life’s exciting adventures.

Beauty Defined

Creating a balance of beauty, professional staff, & services.


Beauty comes in all forms, age, shapes, sizes, personality and style. Each individual possess their own unique beauty, features, eye shapes and lip shape that is unique to them. Our mission is simple: to listen to your wants and needs to create a look that best represents you and your idea of the most beautiful you. Depending on the occasion may determine the look you are going for; for example bridal makeup will look significantly different than Halloween makeup in most case scenarios.

Our passion is for each guest to be truly excited about their look and feel which will be captured in images for a lifetime. To share those precious moments with friends and family remembering all the great times together.

This is also true when speaking of your corporate image and the first impression you give to others. Our professional team is ready to boost your image with a look and feel suitable to your career ambitions, dreams, target market and style.



A Dallas Gem